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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Who are the SEO partners you should go for and the ones to avoid

When you go out there looking for SEO experts to hire for your company, business owners and managers don't settle for just any company that offers SEO services. I have researched the qualities of SEO experts you should look out for and the ones you should avoid before hiring one. Let me guide you. 

There are several qualities you should look out for when looking to hire an SEO expert for your company, the positive ones and the negative ones, such as; practical communication skills, strong content strategy, ethical SEO strategies, a professional team, someone who uses proper analytic tools and oriented towards conversion rate, and much more. As you read on, you will find everything well explained in detail. 

Do you know why hiring an SEO expert is essential instead of doing it yourself for your company? Keep on reading. 

Who are the SEO partners you should go for and the ones to avoid

If your company lacks marketing plus search optimization skills, you should think about getting an SEO partner. When it comes to outsourcing an SEO partner, businesses should be choosier. We are talking about a partner that will take your business to another level and create more sales for you; this will help you build up your business no matter how small or big it is, someone who will walk and grow with you. I'd love to believe that partner you are looking for is us, Guru Solutions.

Who are the SEO partners you should go for and the ones to avoid  

Picking the wrong SEO partner can ruin your business; it'd be worse than doing any SEO. There are so many SEO service providers, hence the need to be more careful when choosing one. Here is the kind of SEO partners you should go for and those you should avoid.  

They should have a strong content strategy.
You can't trust someone to optimize your site when you aren't impressed by their content first. If the person you are looking to work with has a hard-to-navigate site with outdated content, they do not understand SEO. You can also go through their blog to see how often it's updated and what improvements they've made since the start of the blog. 

Effective communication skills
An SEO partner should focus on his work and communicate clearly and fast. Imagine someone who takes ages to reply to your emails; that's someone who's not serious with their work. Poor communication skills show a lack of commitment and unreliability.

Uses ethical SEO strategies
It's critical to settle someone who uses ethical SEO strategies and other accepted methods to help your business generate more traffic. A partner that uses unethical SEO tactics may damage your site's performance online, and it will take forever to recover. We advocate for ethical SEO tactics to help you achieve the best in your business. 

Someone interested in your goals
The right partner will want to understand your business goals and how his SEO skills will align with your goals. And the best way to know this is by reaching out to them and communicating, letting them know your objectives, and asking them how they can help you achieve them. Remember, their promises should sound more realistic. Don't fall for promises of heaven on earth, which hardly happen.

A team of professionals
Nothing can be tedious like working with a team of unprofessional people; you have to keep following and enquiring about things. It would help if you were their priority since you are the client. They need to keep you updated and be transparent.

The ones whose promises seem more realistic
The main reason you look for an SEO partner is to get your site visible online. Now, imagine a partner that tells you that they will be able to triple your traffic in less than two months! It sounds enticing, but it should be a big red flag. Someone who promises to take your site from zero to hero in no time is a big joke.

SEO is an organic process and a long-term one. Go for a partner that is more realistic in their promises; no one can guarantee that your site will appear among the first pages on Google within a month because Google algorithms are a bit complex to generate such results in a short period. And even if you eventually get to the first page on Google, no one will guarantee you'll stay there. 

Uses the right analytic tools
Make sure you choose a partner who is an expert at Google analytics. They should know how to analyze your data and use it to generate great results.

Oriented towards conversion rate
Getting more traffic is superb, but you are wasting your money for nothing if you can't convert that traffic into customers. The main aim of getting an excellent traffic margin is to get more customers. At Guru solutions, we know that each visitor requires to be guided towards the needed conversion of your site. Our SEO strategies are not only about bringing in traffic but also about conversion rates. 

Is it worth it to pay someone for SEO?

Who are the SEO partners you should go for and the ones to avoid

If you are thinking of deploying SEO for your business, the first thing that should ring your mind is if you need to hire an SEO expert. Control plus financial issues may make you decide to do it yourself, but in reality, an SEO expert will be much more efficient. You might fail terribly if you attempt the do-it-yourself measures, wasting resources, time, and money. Here are the reasons why hiring an SEO person is worth it.

It's a time saver
Time is precious for business owners and managers; SEO is a venture that requires attention and time. It's also a continuous process that involves a lot of research, which may be too much for a business owner. Getting an expert to do it for you will free you from worrying about it and focus on other tasks. You'll also be assured of having a team of professionals behind your brand. 

Saves you money
Suppose you decide not to hire an SEO expert. In that case, you will have to make a considerable investment, especially in salaries, software, plus the equipment needed to build an in-house SEO expert. Hiring an SEO expert will save you money, as the company offers its resources plus a robust team at a lower fee. 

They have experience with similar brands to yours.
SEO service companies have experience dealing with different clients and clearly understand what will work best for your business. It's not a trial and error moment for them as they know what you need. With their experience working with similar companies under your niche, your business will be in safer hands.

Safety for your business
SEO can be risky if you aren't sure of what you are doing, it can lead to search penalties, hacking, plus spam. Hiring an expert will prevent all that from happening to your site. 


After meeting the partners you intend to work with, it's finally time to settle for one. Ensure you have checked on the above factors to ensure that you have paid for the best. At Guru Solutions, we understand your business needs and goals. Our SEO services align with your objectives, and if you are a small business, we help you grow your business, offer advice, and generate more traffic on your site. 

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