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Why do you need SharePoint 365 manager services

Many people don't know why they need a SharePoint 365 manager. This article will be enough guidance to help them understand why they need SharePoint 365 manager services. It is well researched and very informative. 

There are several reasons you need SharePoint 365 manager services, such as; keeping up with SharePoint development, ensuring no room for mistakes, more user adoption, custom processes, and reduced training time. Keep reading for finer details.

Get to learn more about SharePoint's best practices. 

Why do you need SharePoint 365 manager services

Hiring a Sharepoint 365 manager is the best option if you want to use Sharepoint to your business's advantage but are unfamiliar with it. Sharepoint offers almost more features and expandable capabilities than what you receive out-of-the-box. 

Why do you need SharePoint 365 manager services
A Sharepoint consultant can guide you through its features to help you find a solution that maximizes its potential and is ideal for your business. A one-size-fits-all approach isn't always appropriate because every organization is different. Sharepoint 365 manager services give you good advice at every stage, thanks to their knowledge, experience, and skill. They can assist you with creating, architecting, integrating, testing, and deploying Sharepoint that enhances your company's performance and team productivity.

Here is why you need Sharepoint 365 manager services:

1. Keep Up With Sharepoint's Development

Sharepoint keeps evolving and developing with the addition of customized features, web parts, and apps. Each new version has significant changes, such as an interface change with more features. The speed at which evolution is taking place may be hard to keep up with when you are attending to other important business matters. It's essential to hire an expert to assist you in managing your Sharepoint. The expert can help you with the following:

  • Update you on new features and developments
  • Assess your Sharepoint infrastructure, and analyze, identify, and sort out issues.
  • Make appropriate recommendations for adjustments.
  • It helps you follow Microsoft's best practices to ensure your Sharepoint system runs smoothly.

2. Ensures There Is No Room For Mistakes

On other platforms similar to Sharepoint, you download an app, create an account, and you are done. Sharepoint's implementation requires a well-thought-out approach. Some of the things that need brainstorming and thinking through:

  • Permission settings
  • Security groups
  • Metadata configuration
  • Site and sub-site structure and navigation

Ignoring these things will make your SharePoint a dumpster like your current file-sharing applications. It is advisable to get the assistance of Sharepoint 365 manager services to avoid getting into a mess when setting up your Sharepoint.

Why do you need SharePoint 365 manager services

3. More Adoption By Users

Implementing Sharepoint in your organization would be useless if nobody is to use it. Its broad capabilities can deter users from using it because it can be intimidating and overwhelming. Employees who don't have advanced skills may find it more challenging to use them. Bringing in a skilled Sharepoint expert to help your team can significantly benefit your business. Some of the things the expert can do for your team  are:

  • Explain to your employees how it works
  • Perform basic troubleshooting
  • Answer all questions and address the concerns of new users

Hiring a consultant makes your employees feel more confident than ever before and can encourage them to adopt the remedy as their own.
4. Custom Processes

Sharepoint is only beneficial to your business if it increases employee productivity. A Sharepoint manager can create specialized procedures that enable your staff to collaborate and communicate more efficiently. For example, the need to continually check Sharepoint sites for new tasks may irritate your users. In this situation, an expert may create a system that would send them instant notifications as soon as they arrive, keeping them constantly updated.
5. Reduced Time Training

It costs your firm valuable earnings whenever your employees are pulled out of their crucial jobs. You can spend so much money training your team on how Sharepoint works, which will only drain your finances and upset your staff. Employing a Sharepoint manager would see your employees trained quickly with one-on-one coaching. Your team will receive quality training from an expert who won't waste your money and will save time, enabling them to resume their duties in time.

What are the SharePoint's Best Practices

Why do you need SharePoint 365 manager services

Your employees need to familiarize themselves with Sharepoint's best practices for your organization to make the best out of Sharepoint. Every team member can use the platform safely and without difficulty. Here are SharePoint's best practices;

1. Use The Lock Feature To Secure Your Documents

Sharepoint enhances your document's security by providing a lock feature where you can lock documents or shared files you don't want to be edited by unauthorized parties. It gives you the privilege of locking or unlocking a document whenever necessary. An icon is displayed beside the file, indicating that it is closed. Anyone wanting to access the document for sharing or editing has to seek permission from the owner. This ensures your files or documents can only be accessed or updated by you unless you grant special permissions.

2. Ensure File Names Are Consistent

It would be beneficial if you had consistency in naming your files because Sharepoint stores many files. Sometimes a search result produces files you didn't search for, which requires you to open each file to find the one you are looking for; This can be tiresome and render you unproductive. Finding the correct file can be difficult if your colleagues also fail to ensure file names are consistent. Consistency in naming files ensures you search a specific keyword, and the search results will match it to your file name and its contents, saving you time and effort preserved.

Why do you need SharePoint 365 manager services

3. Limit Library Access

Authorizing many people to access the library is a threat to data security. You need to limit the number of people accessing the library on any Sharepoint site. If you have libraries that need access by a specific team, restrict other groups from accessing them and grant permission only to the team that needs them.

4. Duplicate Sharepoint Lists And Libraries

Creating a list or a library, creating views, and adding metadata can take many hours. Making the same list or library elsewhere would take time and effort. You can copy the lists from any Sharepoint site you have access to. It's easy to copy them, and most configurations can be copied too. This process will save you time on the next project.

5. Learn How To Recover Lost Library Data

Deleted data can derail your business's progress, so learning what to do in such a scenario is crucial. Knowing how to recover your lost library data will save you and your team time that would have been spent finding another party to help you with the recovery of your data. It would help if you created a data restoration policy for Sharepoint and correctly implemented it. The restoration process will enable you to recover data for a certain period. 

How to Know your Business needs a SharePoint Upgrade.

Microsoft releases new updates of Sharepoint every month to fix bugs on the platform. Apart from bugs, some reasons may cause your current to become unsuitable for use. The table below highlights some ways to know whether you need to upgrade your Sharepoint.

Ended customer support

Sharepoint ceases to support outdated versions of Sharepoint. Your performance can be prone to malicious attacks because it lacks current security updates, which ensure your platform's safety. Consider upgrading to continue enjoying enhanced productivity and collaboration among your staff.

Unreliable search function It cannot be easy to locate specific documents if your search function is not responsive. Upgrading gives you access to a more customized search function, and you don't need to worry about the wrong extraction of files from the document folders.
Poor adoption rates

As a collaboration tool, lacking essential features makes employees shift to a platform with needed features. Upgrade to improve your Sharepoint's functionality, and your staff will effortlessly embrace it.

Need for mobile usability It's sometimes hard to carry a desktop or a laptop around. For this reason, most people prefer logging in to their Sharepoint accounts through mobile phones. Some outdated versions are not mobile-friendly and can lead to little adoption. Upgrade to get a mobile-optimized Sharepoint version. Remote workers can also benefit from this upgrade.
Unorganized content A content audit may recommend cleaning, updating, and reorganizing your documents. This may be a challenging task having to sort out different data structures. Shifting to a newer Sharepoint version reduces the workload of doing everything manually. Upgraded versions come with customizable features that make it easy to organize and store your data for easy retrieval.



You shouldn't waste time and resources learning or training your employees because it can take months or even years. A Sharepoint 365 manager will assist you in deploying and utilizing Sharepoint's features effectively and effortlessly. Familiarizing yourself with Sharepoint's best practices ensures your business harnesses its full potential, which will help scale your organization to greater heights. You can reach out to Guru solutions for professional SharePoint 365 manager services. 

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