Author: Janet Kathalu
Monday, March 14, 2022

Why Having An Excellent Ecommerce Is Not Enough

A few months ago, I had an excellent e-commerce website, but I hardly made any sales. I was traumatized because I thought a great website was all I needed to make great sales. I decided to find out why my website wasn't enough; I dived deeper into research to help me solve my problem and wrote this article to help others with the same issue. 

There are several reasons why having an excellent e-commerce website is not enough, you need to add the following marketing strategies to boost it;

  • Promote your website for customer outreach
  • Proper website management and security
  • Paid advertising and local business listing
  • Create a human connections with the customers
  • Great content marketing

Those are just but a few strategies you can use to boost your website so as to gunner more customers.

Do you have an idea of the most effective ways to promote your website? You will get to know them in this article. Do you also know several ways to get more sales on your website? How about proper ways to sell your products? Read on to learn more about e-commerce. 

Why Having An Excellent Ecommerce Is Not Enough

An eCommerce website is what speaks for your business on the internet. It has become a mandatory need for you to have one. Do you already have one? Is it giving the company your anticipated results?

Why Having An Excellent Ecommerce Is Not Enough

Having a fantastic eCommerce website is not enough; it's an incomplete job. A few factors propagate your presence on the internet, proper marketing being the major one. Let's find out more about what you need to add on top of your eCommerce website to get your anticipated results.

Promote your website for customer outreach
If you have an eCommerce website but are not making any efforts to promote it via several online platforms, you are not doing justice to your business. Show off your site where possible so that you can get to reach out to as many people as possible.

People need to know your existence. Use effective measures and techniques to have your site accustomed to the SEO guidelines to stay on top of your competitors and view your target customers.

Paid Advertising and local business listing
Like any other offline business, your e-commerce needs online presence advertising such as paid search marketing or pay per click; this will help bring in more customers. It's also vital to have your site listed in local directories online to make it visible in the local search to pull in more customers around you.

Website management
Gone are days when websites used to be a static bunch of web pages; they need to be versatile, user-friendly, interactive, and dynamic to grab customers' attention. In that case, you need to keep your website updated with systematic analysis to level up its performance in the search results. You can involve a third party to help you manage your site, and the good news is that Guru solutions are expert in website management.

Content marketing
Your excellent website won't help without content marketing: it should generate compelling and valuable content that will make customers want to visit your site and probably purchase.

Website security
Don't leave your site without any security measures. Cyber-attacks have become rampant with the increase of hackers attempting to get their hands on your consumer data. Your customers owe it to you for the safety and privacy of their data as they browse through your site.

Human connection
Establish a human connection via your website to your customers; make them feel like they interact with a human to build their confidence and relation. Make it the goal of your site to turn in more website clickers to target customers and maintain a good relationship with them.

What is the most effective way to promote an ecommerce website?

Why Having An Excellent Ecommerce Is Not Enough

It doesn't matter whether you have a small or big business; it is vital to stay trendy with the most current eCommerce website measures. Here are the most effective ways to promote your site.

Advertise via podcasts
A podcast is a set of audio files that customers can access and download. They are an essential source of audio marketing. The effect of podcasts has significantly increased with lots of subscribers. Get podcast services that are remotely related to your business for better results. Explain your objectives to them, and they will get your site more podcast subscribers.

Blogging is a very creative, cost-effective way of getting an audience; it can be a great marketing strategy when done right. It's highly advised if your site concentrates on a specific niche. You can get a great blogger to write good content about your website; they can also help in promoting the site on their social media platforms.

Pay per click marketing
This marketing strategy will enable you to tell how the campaign is doing whether the cost of the campaign is proportional to the revenue generated via the advertising strategy.

Email marketing
Email marketing can be effective in reaching out to customers. You can inform them via emails whenever there's a new product or service. Make the emails engaging and informative at the same time.

Discounts plus offers
This marketing strategy will be a sure way to promote your site and gunner more customers; why? People love discounts! Once in a well create well-tailored deals, and the results will be excellent,

Mobile-friendly websites
Bit by bit, smartphones are replacing computers; they now have the same specs as those in PCs. Having a website that delivers a mobile screen ideally will be a plus for you.

Other practical measures you can take are to have a personalized landing page, create simple return policies plus affordable shipping charges, build a fabulous social media presence, and above all, have effective SEO strategies. 

How do I get more sales on my eCommerce website?

Why Having An Excellent Ecommerce Is Not Enough

There are several reasons why your website is not generating sales as you would love it to do, and we will address the fixes to such. So how do you get more deals for your site?

Get enough traffic
Is your optimization strong enough? Make sure your site is compatible with people's browsers for better results; it should be mobile-friendly. Check the time your site takes to load on both a PC and a smartphone; it should not take long, especially with a fast internet connection.

Make sure your landing page is converting.
Before settling for a product or a service, most customers go through the reviews to check what people say about your products. Encourage your customers to leave a review after they buy your products; this will help boost your sales.

Make your checkout process simple.
Don't frustrate your customers with complicated checkout measures. Decrease the number of actions needed to check out and allow checkout without necessarily signing in.

Make it easy to navigate around the website.
Have your tabs in one area, like below your header: this will give the customer ample time to shop and make payments.

Help potential customers
When potential customers visit your site, make them feel appreciated with a personalized customer experience.

Offer unique products
Make your website stand out in offering products and services that can hardly be found on other websites. Also, make sure your prices are pretty affordable; remember, the goal is to get as many customers to buy.

Make a call to action.
Motivate your buyers to finish what they were searching for and make a purchase. Place buttons where customers visit most and lead them to a faster checkout area. Also, save their items for their next visit. 

What is the best way to sell a product?

Why Having An Excellent Ecommerce Is Not Enough

Selling a product is not a one-day job; it involves a lot of help from different tools and talents. The first step should be to identify your customers and then think of a marketing strategy to get them into buying your products.

No matter the products or services you offer, you need a website to stay relevant. Not just any website but a professionally done website built by Guru solutions that helps you manage your online storefront.

However, you may not be in a position to invest in your won website yet, so why not sell your products on other eCommerce platforms, like eBay or Etsy. Most of these sites are free to join, and they attract massive traffic, making it easy for you to make a sale.

Another effective measure you can take is to get a physical store for your products. Generally, some customers buy what they see. You also get to attract passersby and people who can't access websites or social platforms.

You can also consider selling your products to other stores. Spot a store where its customers would appreciate your products, approach them, and offer to supply them with your products. This will be a fantastic opportunity as you will be sure that your product will get to its intended consumer and get an online presence. 


If you have an excellent website but not doing anything about the marketing strategy, expect not much progress. Customers won't come to buy from you if you don't entice them to purchase. Get the right marketing strategies with modern techniques and a great team to work with, and you will get your desired results. 

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