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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Why It's Easier to Succeed With Mobile App Than You Might Think

Many people think it's hard to succeed with mobile apps, but I'm here to prove them wrong. I did my research and wrote this article highlighting why it's easier to succeed with mobile apps than you think. 

There are several reasons why it's easier to succeed with mobile apps than you think; they offer better specialization, and it's easy to send notifications. In addition to that, they are easy to access, can use mobile device features, improve customer retention, have a competitive edge, create a direct link with customers, and much more.  

Read on to get more precise details on why it's easier to succeed with mobile apps, know the difference between a mobile app and a desktop, and why people prefer mobile apps to desktops. 

Why It's Easier to Succeed With Mobile App Than You Might Think

Globally, there has been an upsurge in the use of mobile apps. Most organizations are now aware of the necessity of incorporating mobile-ups into their daily operations.

Why It's Easier to Succeed With Mobile App Than You Might Think

Mobile apps are developed in various methods to satisfy company and customer needs and perform multiple purposes. They can be more advantageous to your business than you might believe; companies use mobile apps to increase their profits.

Here are the reasons why its easier to succeed with mobile apps;

1. Mobile Apps Offer Better Specialization

Mobile apps provide users with a personalized experience based on their behavior and interests. Such as;

  • As a mobile app user, you can set your preferences at the beginning of the app and personalize it as you want. App users will likely be converted to customers when you pamper them with personalized content.
  • It will also be easier to collect and track customer engagement in a mobile app which then you can, in turn, use to improve the services you provide.

2. It's Easy To Send Notifications In a Mobile App

The push and in-app notifications available in mobile apps allow businesses to send non-intrusive messages to the app user while on the app. These pop-ups make the user experience interactive. Some notification pop-ups have led to;

  • Customer clicks which then convert to sales. 
  • Much traffic to the page

3. Ability To Use Mobile Device Features

Mobile apps operate more quickly since they are built to integrate with the phone's built-in features, such as;

  • The microphone
  • Camera
  • Location services, etc.

The features can help to shorten the time taken to perform specific tasks and boost customer conversion. For example, banking apps allow users to upload their images and identification documents to verify their accounts when in need. The app enables the customer to perform activities in the comfort of his phone instead of visiting the bank.

4. The Ability To Work Offline

Most apps can perform some tasks when in offline mode. For example, you can do a tax calculation using a calculator app without an internet connection.

5. Apps Are Easy To Access

You don't necessarily need to search the web for information as a customer when you have an app. You can get all the business information you need at the tip of your fingers with a single push. Also, apps give social nerds customers the ability to order products without speaking to someone.

NOTE: The below five reasons are among the main reasons why most people succeed with mobile apps. 

6. Create Direct Links With Customers

Mobile apps enhance the user experience by;

  • Provide great information without requiring users to browse through lengthy blocks of text on the web. Instant messages offered by applications might make it easier for users to ask questions.
  • App support is also efficient as it allows customers to give honest feedback, specifications, and improvements needed to improve their user experience, which can significantly help any business.

7. Improve Customer Retention

Customer loyalty is essential for every successful business. Loyalty rewards like offering app users instant rewards can help to boost customer acquisition and commitment to your business.

8. Have a Competitive Edge

Today's digital world requires a tremendous effort to keep up with the competition. There is an increasing need for fast communication and reliance on mobile devices to prevail in this fierce competition. Compared to other channels, mobile apps are more adept at satisfying the wants and requirements of customers.

9. Have More Control-A branded mobile app of your own can give you much control over your business. App design is essential to how customers view your brand. The logo and other mobile app features are a great way to tweak your branding strategy.

Additionally, it is better for your business when users use your app for a more extended period. One of the various strategies for enhancing your internet visibility and boosting revenue is through engagements.

10. Mobile Apps Have No Designing Restrictions-Additionally, it is better for your business when users use your app for a more extended period. One of the various strategies for enhancing your internet visibility and boosting revenue is through engagements.

The feature can make the app customer friendly and make it easier to use and interact with, for example allowing customers to swipe over pages as they wish and want. An app that is customer friendly is likely to lead to customer satisfaction and boost sales through new customers and existing ones. 

Why are mobile apps better than desktop apps?

Why It's Easier to Succeed With Mobile App Than You Might Think

As a result, businesses now recognize how critical it is to effectively leverage mobile platforms to attract customers. Mobile apps offer high-quality features that meet customer specifications. Many app users prefer to use mobile apps over other available apps due to many reasons, as explained below;

Reasons why people prefer mobile apps to other apps

  • Mobile apps are easily accessible and downloadable from the Playstore and Applestore easily by anyone.
  • Mobile apps are faster as they store data on mobile devices, enabling users to act quickly, and leading to customer satisfaction.
  • Mobile apps are safe and secure as they are hosted in mobile apps and are portable as they are available in phones which are easier to carry around. Desktops are expensive and less portable compared to phones.
  • Moving one desktop app from one computer to another without losing your data is difficult.
  • Also, manually installing desktop apps is unwelcoming as it requires the user to set up time and effort.
  • It is easier to use a mobile app without several updates than desktop apps, which require numerous updates to function correctly.
  • The quality of user experience is better in mobile apps.
  • With mobile apps, you can send push notifications as reminders to users to increase engagement, which converts to sales.
  • Mobile apps work faster because they are compatible and designed with the device on which they are on your phone.
  • Mobile apps are more straightforward and cheap to build.
  • Mobile apps provide unique services and features. The app icon also acts as an advert.
  • Mobile apps have an avenue for customer feedback compared to desktop apps.
  • Desktop apps may not be discoverable compared to mobile apps, which are listed in popular app stores.


Mobile applications have become a popular tool for business growth. Most people today think of smartphones as an extension of their lives. A mobile app might be missing if you want to improve your business and increase profitability. Mobile apps are essential for every aspect of your business, from marketing, customer acquisition and relation, and branding perspective. Developing a mobile app for your business is the best thing you can do, and Guru solutions can help you with all your Mobile app services. 

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