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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Why Website Non-CMS is The Biggest Trend

The latest trends in non-CMS websites are something to watch out for; they cannot be ignored for any reason. For that reason, I want to help as many people as possible learn about the latest trends in non-CMS websites.  

There are various reasons why website non-CMS is the biggest trend in the market: It has no hidden charges, better security, improves your website's loading speed, requires little maintenance, enables full customization, and grants you complete website ownership.  

Read on to find out why you need a non-CMS website expert for your brand. 

Why Website Non-CMS is The Biggest Trend

You want to open an online shop to sell your products or take your business online to attract more customers. It's at this point that you need a website. But where do you start when creating one? You can build your website by developing it yourself from scratch or using a website builder. You may think that a website builder is the best option because it doesn't involve much work, but coding a website from scratch is the best.
Why Website Non-CMS is The Biggest Trend

Creating a website from zero can be challenging but extremely rewarding. Many businesses prefer developing their websites from scratch because they understand the positive implications a hand-coded website presents.

Here is why website non-CMS is the most significant trend:

1. No Hidden Charges

Website non-CMS have no hidden or additional charges. Website builders and CMSs might be free to use, but extra charges may be incurred for various services. The free versions give the CMS free advertising services through your website, even if you still have limited use on your site. Removing the advertisements requires an extra payment. Building your hand-coded site ensures you don't offer free advertisement services on your website.

2. Better Security

Hand-coding enables you to add an extra security feature to your website. CMS websites have the same source code spread over different websites, which makes the websites susceptible to hackers. Hacking a single website would lead to other similar websites. A hacker can steal most, if not all, of your data causing massive downtime.

3. Non-CMS Improves Your Website's Loading Speed

Hand-coded websites depend on the developer's code to run effectively, unlike site builders' websites that require numerous URL instructions to build the website. More external links translate to more dependency on external elements, resulting in more technical glitches that reduce your SEO rankings. A customized Non-CMS webpage for your site has no unnecessary codes or external components.

4. Requires Little Maintenance

CMS websites don't allow you to make any changes to their code. A Non-CMS website will enable you to modify or create any desired changes. It is easy to maintain because you wrote all the regulations. You can establish a standardized process of fixing bugs by updating your website, leaving it safe and clean.
Why Website Non-CMS is The Biggest Trend  

5. Control Over Your Site And The Hosting

If you create your website using website builders, you will never have control of your hosting. Your website must stay hosted by the particular website builder. It's difficult to migrate to a different host as your content is affected by metadata. Switching to another hosting provider means reconstructing your website's pages and restructuring their functionality. A Non-CMS webpage will give you complete control of your site, where you can change hosts without needing to start from scratch.

6. Enables Full Customization

Only a handful of website builders allow you to customize your website. The customization is limited and may not fully meet your customization needs. A hand-coded website will enable you to customize various pages and even add unique features to your website. Writing your codes ensures your website is fantastic. CMS websites look alike because of the same source code used in building them. A website non-CMS gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors who use CMSs because your website easily stands out in your industry.

7. Grants You Complete Ownership

Non-CMS offers you the privilege of owning your website without worrying about closure or being pulled down. Starting from scratch means you own all the rights to your website.

Why You Need A Website Non-CMS Expert

Why Website Non-CMS is The Biggest Trend

You may not know how to build a website from scratch because it entails writing many lines of code, which can be tiresome and time-consuming. Your website also needs regular updates to fix bugs and other issues. A professional website developer will help you create a customized website and solve any problems your website may have.

Here is why you need a website non-CMS expert:

1. Saves You Time

You may have the basic knowledge of making a website, but chances are you don't have what it takes to create a well-optimized website. You can spend a lot of time building your website but still produce a less-appealing one that will not attract any clients. Hiring an expert to build the website for you will significantly reduce the time needed to take your site live. You can attend to other, more critical matters as the expert creates your website. You'll also save a lot more time because the expert takes a shorter period, and you can start selling or using your site as you intended.

2. It helps Your Website Load Faster

A website needs various tools and plugins to optimize its performance. A consultant knows which tools and plugins to install on your site for a better experience, improving your site's loading time. Your clients can navigate your website quickly because there is no delay or long load times. Faster load times also mean better SEO.

Why Website Non-CMS is The Biggest Trend

3. Uses The Latest Technology To Build Your Website

A developer is always on top of the latest trends and technology to keep pace with the growing demand for modern development services. Most users search the internet on mobile devices because of their portability and ease of use. Developing a mobile-friendly website that can fit any mobile screen without dragging right and left to read its content is essential. With a wide range of tools, a web development company creates a website compatible with mobile devices. They leverage modern technological tactics to design a site that meets users' needs.

4. Reliable And Secure

Creating a website without the required knowledge may come along with many problems. It may all be rosy until it starts experiencing unnecessary breakdowns and crashes. You may also leave out essential security aspects when building it, making it prone to hacking. An expert will create a safe and reliable website that is hack-proof and one with no risk of unwanted emergencies. They will also ensure that your website has no cyber attacks and has a higher uptime.

5. On-Going Support

A consultant ensures your website is up and running but does not leave at that point. They maintain your website and answer any of your questions while offering suggestions to improve your site.

What are the Qualities of a Good Non-CMS Website?

A website non-cms offers full control of your site. It enhances security and loads faster for users as the codes are simple. Below are some characteristics of a good non-cms website you should know. 

Clean design A good design has simple navigation, is appealing to the eye, and is easy to read.
Effective color scheme Different colors can elicit emotions such as tranquility, happiness, or dissatisfaction. They give your visitors a good impression.

Call to action
This section encourages users to reach out to your business for various reasons.

Mobile friendly

Most people access the internet using mobile phones. Develop a site that mobile users will find easy to navigate and access.

Functionality Ensure there are no broken links and loading issues. Also, make sure to install adequate security features to keep hackers away.



Your business needs a non-CMS website to ensure customers get quality service by getting what they need without navigating too many pages-this is possible by the available customization features, which help tailor a page to a customer's specific needs. Hiring a non-CMS expert will give you a reliable website, and you are assured of support whenever there is a problem on your site. You can reach out to Guru Solutions for amazing non-CMS website services.

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